Preparing for SLT camp

On the 9th October 2012 I started my personal journey of developing my own Personal learning network via Twitter. Hunting around cyberspace I found hashtags such as sltchat, mfltwitterati and started to follow people I came across on CPD courses.

The Lazy Teacher, Hywel Roberts being amongst the first I managed to find.

Nearly a year on my twitter journey has taken a truly positive life of CPD. Having joined in sltchat over several months I wondered what some of these like-minded people would be link in person as opposed to being virtual tweachers. I hadn't managed to take part in any teachmeets and then over the summer an intriguing invitation to sltcamp appeared.

SLT camp sounded even more exciting than a teachmeet and meant a 3 hour journey to the location for an entire weekend of CPD was too enticing to pass up. So when the launch date was given I duly set up my own account on eventbrite  - another new app. How lucky am I to be a proud owner of a pass to the first ever SLT camp.

What am I expecting? Well with the title Igniting Change there are lots of things this will mean.
Already I have experienced lots of change from my twitter journey only 11 months ago. This is my first personal blog - blog for my school once a month but this is another CPD journey. As this is a CPD weekend with no specific agenda and titled sessions as yet I am hoping for a truly organic experience. Letting all participants lead, share, question and support each other through what is a constantly changing educational environment.

What am I looking forward to? Meeting the virtual tweachers. Twitter has enabled me to participate in many conversations and to support teachers. It never fails to amaze me how supportive the twitter teaching community all are. I am looking forward to being in a room with like-minded people who are embracing change. All too often daily life puts obstacles in our way and this is an opportunity to look at what would we like to ignite as a change, has someone already done it, what problems might occur and coming away from camp fully ignited and passionate about making change.

How change makes things tricky? Having settled into becoming a more regular user of twitter I have already noticed that change can be tricky. There are ideas which are good but can only be great if they are put into place in a sensible way. I know I will be buzzing with information after a weekend of CPD and the tricky thing for me will be to temper this and embed ideas in a way that I can take others with me on this journey of change.

For my first blog I have written much more than I thought possible. Another first.