When questioning gets questioned!

I have been planning 1st September training day for a few weeks now. The theme is questioning classroom questioning and engagement techniques.

As a school we have loosely followed Blooms and revised Blooms for the past decade. Has it been successful in creating classrooms full of deep learning?  Yes, where staff have planned it into lessons, or skilfully adapt questions depending on student learning.

So I took time in term 6 to research and trial different options, before launching with staff on Term 1. Having used PLTS roles successfully over the years, I thought I'd try de Bono thinking hats. Not a great fit for me, it could be the years of using Blooms.

I then moved onto Solo. We aren't using levels as of tomorrow and this seemed to provide a framework for class tasks. As an MFL specialist it was easy to apply. I also managed to plan a 30 minute practical training session, I could run for staff with a humanities style lesson.

Twitter disaster.

Then I read @LearningSpy's blog that solo may not be the way to go. 

Staff choice

1st INSET plans: 3 sessions with different engagement foci, such as e-learning, students leading learning and student roles in lessons. Each session will have a questioning technique to underpin it. Then it will be down to staff choice.

It will be interesting to see if Blooms wins the day. I, however will stick to SOLO and  let's see how many hat posters there will be.