Magic moments

Every new school year is like waiting for the chance to open Christmas presents. Most teachers will organise seating plans with good intentions. Boy/ girl seating to help close gender gap achievement, ability tables to aid differentiation or even targeted positioning to improve behaviour. Yet data can only go so far. Will the seating plan work? Only when you meet the class and see the class chemistry will the magic begin to happen.

It may mean amending seating plans regularly. 

Other magic moments I am looking forward too. Results day. Again, just like Christmas. Will the envelope contain the present students and staff want? 

We know it can't be Christmas every day, however I would argue that being a teacher there are magic moments every day. Every lesson the learning objective and outcomes may seem impossible for some students. The magic comes when students realise they understand the task or even when they take a risk answering a question. The smile of relief is magic and can be used to harness confidence for the next lesson.

Magic moments are the best part of my normal teaching day.